Tuesday, August 23, 2005

caffiene, caffiene, caffiene, whee!

I really have lost my tolerance for caffiene. Just 1 cup of coffee after dinner at the Macaroni Grill, and two Pepsi Limes, and I am currently wired for sound. It's becoming close to the time I usually go to bed for my sleep period. (In case you missed it, I've become nocturnal) No way that's gonna happen now. I have a feeling I'm going to be watching The Phantom of the Opera, and the Sandman is going to creep up on me, and whack me in the head with a bag of sand, and I'll be sitting with a half composed post, dead asleep, hands in perfect resting position.

This has been witnessed by both my husband and his brother, who at one point was wondering how he was going to extricate the laptop from my hands without waking me up. He didn't have to, I woke up just enough to realize I had the computer still on my lap, set it aside, and fell right back to sleep.

Oh, in the event you want to know how much of your preferred caffinated beverage you would have to drink, based on body weight, head on over here - Death By Caffiene. I would have to drink more than 300 cans of Pepsi to be lethal. Having 300 cans of Pepsi fall on my would also be lethal. Have fun and watch for falling Pepsi cans.

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Georg said...

Yes, but it's only 68 cans of BuzzWater. No clue where to get that, fortunately. And only 136 shots of espresso, so I am no longer going to feel guilty about the occasional quadriple shot to jump start my day. Thanks!