Thursday, August 18, 2005

thoughts on being nocturnal

Yes, it's true I've pretty much become nocturnal, which has led to some interesting adjustments. I tend to wake in the late afternoon, and go to bed around sunrise, with a nap in there somewhere. I've noticed that my taste in food hasn't really changed. When I woke up, "breakfast" was beef stew. I still want savory foods in the evening, early night. As it becomes early morning, and I eat my "dinner", that's when I want a breakfast type food, and yes, it's still Frosted Flakes. "Lunch is a toss-up, and I may or may not actually eat a full meal. I generally just snack on some healthy foods, and drink lots of liquids.

Unless I have a medical appointment, I generally sleep through most of the day, especially since it has been so hot that I can't stay outside for more than about 15 minutes. That's just sitting doing nothing, not doing anything. If I have to do anything physical then the time I can stand is a lot less. So, the best thing is to simply sleep during the 90°+ heat. It's working right now, since I don't really have anything that can't be done at night rather during the day.

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Michelle said...

I have a tendency to move towards that kind of sleep routine, especially during this time of the year. I'll stay up until my husband leaves for work, then sleep until it's almost time for him to come home.

I've always been the type to stay up later and sleep during the day, which is hard to do when the rest of the world goes 9am to 5pm everyday.