Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the continued evacuation of new orleans

I'm watching CNN this morning, and there is some good news about evacuating refugees from New Orleans.

The 25,000 people who are currently at the Superdome will be moved by 500 busses to the Houston Astrodome since the Astrodome has things like electricity, food, water, bathrooms, air conditioning, cell phone reception. All the staples of life. I reassured Lair that there will probably won't be any Palestinians. Lots of Catholics, the occasional Methodist, maybe a few Vodun practioners (Voodoo), but I doubt any Palestinians. I don't think any vampires will be showing up, either, since their hiding places are under water, and it's nice and sunny. Poof. No more vampire problem in New Orleans.

The New Orleans International Airport has 2 runways open, for humanitarian relief only. There will be a large MASH unit put up there also, to help those in need of medical attention.

Also, the Navy deployed 4 ships out of Norfolk to the Gulf for humanitarian aid, one of which is a floating hospital, and all can dock as close to the places needed as possible. They have heliocopter landing pads on at least one ship, from what I saw on CNN, and, fittingly, one of the ships is the USS Shreveport.

To help out, go to the Red Cross Website for information on how to donate to help the people in the disaster area.

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